PDR History

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair)was first conceived on the production lines of BMW in Germany many years ago.

The aim being to eliminate any tiny dents or protrusions on the vehicles as they rolled out of the factory. Other manufacturers followed with this method such as Ford, Toyota etc, it was not until the 80’s that this method or skill was adopted as a separate business to service the car market industry and the public.

In particular the last 5-10 years has seen a significant growth within this profession. PDR basically uses the method of massaging or manipulating the metal from behind the dented area of a panel to restore the panel to its original shape prior to the dent. Eliminating the need to use conventional panel beating methods involving fillers and resprays.

PDR is by far a much cheaper alternative. There are other methods also such as suction gluing and the use of magnets. Although originally designed for the removal of tiny dents (pinkie finger nail size ) …., these days it is possible to remove much larger sized dents also, eg: (tennis ball – basket ball size ) and in some cases bigger again.